Martin Blake

Non-executive Director and Corporate Advisor

The 12th Annual Global CSR Summit and Awards and the Global Good Governance Awards: 2020

Martin is delighted that Blue Planet, the company he has guided and directed since 2017 has won awards in three categories at The Global CSR Awards and The Good Governance Awards:

  • Product Excellence Award (Platinum);
  • Best Environmental Excellence Award (Platinum); and
  • Best Corporate & Communication and Investor Relations Award (Silver).

‍The awards recognise organisations for outstanding, innovative and world-class products that demonstrate the company’s leadership, sincerity and ongoing commitment to incorporating ethical values, respect for individuals, communities and the environment in the way they do business.

Blue Planet’s investment in cutting edge approaches to sustainable business development gave Martin the necessary business standards to successfully navigate the company to award-winning level and demonstrates that this way of conducting business can be tangibly reflected in brand value.

Martin’s vision for Blue Planet – to move away from traditional waste management solutions to a circular model of development – earned it a Platinum Award for the Best Environmental Excellence (companies with a market capitalisation less than USD 1 Billion) category. From its inception Martin has been instrumental in ensuring the company operates from a paradigm of resource management and upcycling, not waste disposal.

Blue Planet’s entry for waste processing technologies also received a Platinum Award in the Product Excellence category. The recognition was for the unique decentralised waste management systems that are part of the Blue Planet portfolio.

Additionally, Blue Planet received a Silver Award in the Best Corporate Communication & Investor Relations category for its integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework.

Empowerment of Women Award

The Embodhi Foundation, co-founded by Martin, has won an Empowerment of Women Award (Silver) for Companies with market capitalisation less than USD 1 Billion at The Global CSR Awards and The Good Governance Awards. Find out more here:

Embodhi was created in 2018 with a mission to empower destitute, marginalised and vulnerable women and girls by focusing on social and financial inclusion, and education opportunities and vocational training linked to environmental protection.

Martin’s stewardship has been vital in shaping Embodhi into an award winning charity with excellent delivery on its mission and high standards of governance.

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