Martin Blake

Non-executive Director and Corporate Advisor


Blake Advisory

Martin provides his world-wide professional services through Singapore based Blake Advisory Pte. Ltd.

Co-creating alternative futures

Martin works with clients at a strategic level to co-create alternative futures for their businesses through the design and delivery of world-class sustainability programmes. This means building resilience and successfully leading organisations to adapt and change in harmony with a rapidly changing environment. Martin works with organisations to ensure they are agile in their adaptation and able to reflex and respond to market, financial and resource conditions. Martin’s track record in sustainable enterprise will assure your organisation’s survival in this turbulent environment.

Building prosperity

One of Martin’s greatest contributions to businesses the world over is helping them to disclose the low-hanging fruit in terms of cost savings. Invariably, there is a hidden but compelling business case for cost-effective sustainable outcomes. In his leadership and advisory roles with large organisations, Martin has a track record for designing and implementing cost reduction strategies to build brand and resilience whilst saving millions of dollars.

Martin’s Expertise

Martin’s core competencies include developing strategic plans and influencing high profile stakeholders within Governments and NGOs, as well as the postal, construction, healthcare, oil and gas, and charity sectors. His inspirational leadership enables large, complex organisations to articulate, deploy, embed and communicate their sustainability goals. Areas of expertise include:

  • Global corporate sustainability expertise
  • Inspirational strategic leadership
  • Board level engagement
  • Strategic change management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Energy footprinting and reduction strategies using marginal abatement cost curves to disclose energy savings at either zero or net zero cost.


Benefits to Your Organisation

If you are either trying to differentiate your organisation or business through sustainability, or operate and invest within that space, then Martin would add considerable value. Consider the benefits and invite him to address your board in an inspiring session of evocative dialogue as a prelude to working with you in the future in a strategic advisory or directorship capacity. Benefits include:

  1. Immediate Sustainability credibility attached to Martin’s own brand and credibility. His reputation for achievement and thought leadership in this field would immediately transfer to any organisation with which he is involved.
  2. Martin is consummately well networked internationally and can draw on the potential of this amazing network immediately.
  3. The practitioners and experts in his network are among the very best in the world in their field; therefore, Martin could assemble a world-class team of interventionists in extremely short order.
  4. As an expert in change management and organisational improvement, as well as CSR/Sustainability, Martin can very rapidly ‘diagnose’ an organisation’s needs and match a CSR or Sustainability Strategy to it and then construct, deploy and deliver the results.
  5. Martin’s track record in visionary thought leadership in this area (hence his two Associate Professorships) would enable your organisation to leap from wherever it is to state of the art in record time.
  6. Because Martin’s primary qualifications are in business and commerce, he is a commercial pragmatist who would appropriately ensure that all strategies added value to the financial bottom line.
  7. In most large organisations, Martin would promptly be able to design and implement a strategy to take between 25% and 45% of their utility and resource costs off the bottom line.
  8. Martin’s approaches to Sustainability are based on mitigating multiple organisational risks at overall net zero cost by using abatement curve approaches aimed at focusing only on the Net Present Value positive.
  9. Martin understands corporate finance and is able to assist in raising capital to deploy the cost saving initiatives on gain share contracts.
  10. Martin is able to enter an organisation, articulate its needs, deploy the action and hand over to a ‘maintenance and hone’ team within three years if appropriately supported with conviction, capital and staffing.

Engaging Martin’s Advisory Services

Should you elect to ‘set sail’ on the sustainability journey, Martin would be happy to support your ‘C-Team’ and senior management as your ‘strategic navigator’. Contact Martin to discuss how he can assist your organisation.