Martin Blake

Non-executive Director and Corporate Advisor


Martin is proud to be associated with a diversity of leading organisations in a range of industry sectors around the world. Current and past clients include the following organisations which Martin has served in a number of capacities ranging from C-suite directorship and advisory roles to keynote speaking to academic professorships to leadership roles.

Board, Strategic Advisory & Consultancy Roles

Current Board Roles (with fiduciary duties)

Bio2Pure Ltd. (UK) – Non Executive Board Director
Sustainable Hospitality Solutions Ltd. (UK) – Founder and Director
Embodhi Foundation Pty Ltd (Singapore, Vietnam and Sri Lanka) – Founder and Director
Enigma Bulwark Ltd. (USA) – Non Executive Director
Smart Creative Technologies Ltd. (UK) – Non Executive Board Director
Blockwalls Ltd. (UK) – Non Executive Board Member

Current Strategic Advisory Roles

Blue Planet Pte Ltd. – Strategic Advisor to the Board
IAQ Pte Ltd. (Singapore) – Preventive Medicine Advisor
Big Red Pte Ltd. (Singapore) – Preventive Medicine Advisor

Current Consultancy Roles

Blake Advisory Pte Ltd (Singapore) – Founder
Future Smart Strategies Pty Ltd. – (Australia) – Director at Large
Centre for The Future (Australia) – Domain Leader Foresight Beyond Frontiers

Previous Board Roles

Sabien Technology PLC – Non-Executive Director
PearTrack Security Systems Inc. – Non-Executive Director
Welsh Water PLC – Board Member, Governance and Scrutiny Committee

Speaking Engagements

Singapore Global Convention on Corporate Ethics & Risk Management
Global CSR Summit & Awards and Global Good Governance Awards, Malaysia
Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group, Australia
GreenUps, Australia
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Forum for the Future
Eco Flores, Indonesia
Australian Institute of Management (AIM)
The British High Commission, Singapore
Media Leader’s Forum, Singapore
Energy Management Asia Summit & Comfori
Singapore Exhibition Services PTE Ltd
CPA, Australia
CEO Institute, Australia
CNBC, Australia
Harvard Business Review
Townsville City Council, Queensland, Australia
Townsville Solar City, Queensland, Australia
Sustainable Townsville, Queensland, Australia
SIAM, Australia
Singapore International Energy
Global Entrepolis@Singapore
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Global Cleantech Cluster Association
Australian Green Infrastructure Council
Asia Pacific Sustainability Leadership Forum
International Faculty Management Association, Hong Kong
Environmental Management Solutions for Industry, Jakarta
Asia Pacific Academy of Business Society (APABIS), Japan
Queensland Sustainability Round Table
Green Building Council Indonesia
GREENRIGHT Conference, Indonesia
Guam Centre for Island Sustainability
Fuji Xerox, Australia
Remotenergy, Australia
Carbon Management Institute of Australia and New Zealand
Wesfarmers, Australia
Temasek, Singapore
International Green Awards for Creativity in Sustainability
CIFAL Scotland
SME One Asia Awards, Singapore
APF Group, Singapore
Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
Ernst and Young
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
International Energy Centre
Quarry Life Awards

University Faculties

Griffith University
University of Southern Queensland
Hull University
Henley Centre for Sustainable Enterprise
University of Guam
La Trobe University
Nanyang Business School
Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales

Leadership Roles

SID – Singapore Institute of Directors (full member)
SIIA – Singapore Institute of International Affairs (full member)
AUSTRADE & the Government of NSW, Australia
Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
Carbon Trust Standard
European Fuel Cell Association
United Nations Postal Sustainability Committee
Bovis-Lendlease, UK
CBI Environmental Affairs Committee
Post Europe Sustainability Committee


Kylie Hargreaves, Executive Director, Investment & Export Services at NSW Trade & Investment
Martin is an insightful, collaborative and genuine thought-leader with a real understanding of how to ingrain the commercial application of CSR and sustainability practices into the daily operations of business. His extensive expertise and international reputation around CSR and sustainability proved to be invaluable to us in raising the issue on the agenda of many of Australia’s major corporates, peak industry bodies and government agencies.

David Beer, Head of Sustainable Business Development – Guardian Sustainable Business, Guardian News & Media
Martin is a true leader in the sustainability debate. He hasn’t just talked about it, he has actually successfully developed and deployed a methodology that has delivered some of the most impressive, cost effective energy reduction results in Europe; results that can be duplicated by any business, large or small, that adopts the same approach. The transition to a low carbon economy is now a must for all organisations, and Martin is a pragmatic subject matter expert with the very rare ability to advise at the highest strategic level, yet with a proven track record in delivering lucrative savings and returns on investment where it really matters. If you are serious about creating a competitive advantage in the emerging low carbon economy, then you really do need to speak to Martin Blake.

Barry Westhorpe, Chief Executive, The CEO Institute
Engaging, insightful, Dr. Martin Blake delivers invaluable solutions around the business case for corporate sustainability – beyond your expectations!

John Cole, Professor, Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development
ACSBD appointed Martin Blake as its first Adjunct Professor in early 2010. Martin is an accomplished executive leading in the corporate sustainability field with a proven track record of accomplishment in leading an efficiency and cultural change program in a large organisation like Royal Mail. He is expert of carbon abatement programs and marginal cost curve applications. Incredibly well networked in the corporate sustainability field, Martin is a highly articulate systems thinker who can cut through complexity, distil the issue and come up with a solution. ACSBD looks forward to further working with Martin both in Australia and overseas developing practical strategies and tools to prove the business case for sustainability and accelerate the adoption of sustainable development.

Dan Gaffney, Media & PR Manager, CarbonSystems
Martin is an ideal person to support CarbonSystems in its global expansion into Asia, Europe and the Americas. As a new member of the company’s Advisory Board, he brings a rare combination of experience at the highest levels of business, academia and public life. His leadership and management credentials are proven and well-recognised. We look forward to a productive and enjoyable business relationship.

Aaron George, Managing Director, Amida Recruitment
We are very privileged to have Martin as a Non-Executive Director at Amida. In the time i have worked with Martin he has provided extremely insightful thought leadership on sustainable development, highly developed strategic thinking and many valuable business introductions via his extensive network. He brings commercial acumen, a sharp intellect, in combination with a personable manner and sincerity that puts people at ease and adds value immediately! I look forward to a long and successful business partnership with Martin.

Paul Toyne, Director, Article 13 Ltd
Martin and I first met many years ago when CSR at the Royal Mail Group was in its infancy. Since then under Martin’s leadership the Royal Mail has established an award-winning programme in CSR, with a particularly strong environmental focus. This has been achieved at a time of much political uncertainty and numerous internal economic challenges. To create positive change – that can be independently verified (the role Article13 and I played) – under these conditions is a testament to Martin’s strategic thinking and his ability to bring the company and its staff along with him on the journey to being a sustainable organisation.

Nick Pennell, Vice President, Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company)
Martin is a leader in the field of corporate sustainability strategy development, and one of the few people in the field who combines both thought leadership with the hands-on experience of having developed and driven through a sustainability strategy in the corporate environment.

Professor Julie Cotter, Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development
Martin brings a global perspective to sustainability and climate change issues that is both refreshing and inspiring. He is a ‘big thinker’ who is able to bring diverse teams together to achieve remarkable outcomes. His systems thinking approach is vital to the sustainability context in which he works, and is also an integral part of his successful change leadership style.

Paul Dickinson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project
Martin Blake has been extremely effective in managing the extraordinary complexities of sustainability across the vast Royal Mail system. He has seized opportunities and pioneered innovative strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including collaboration on purchasing with other national mail systems as well as thinking through how to re-engineer entire processes to deliver zero or near zero carbon solutions. The Royal Mail is one of the largest employers in Europe with a massive inventory of facilities, equipment and vehicles. Steering that vast ship towards a low carbon future has provided Martin with unique insights into sustainability in action at very significant scale.

May East, Executive Director CIFAL – UNITAR Associated Training Centre
I have invited Dr. Martin Blake as a keynote speaker to several UN related events and each time he has excelled himself, fully engaging public and private sector audiences with the latest innovations in carbon counting and hydrogen economy. Dr. Blake is an international reference in these fields, and with his analytical clarity, able to explain complex zero carbon concepts in easy soundbites. Just wait to see him in action!

Dan Ussher, General Manager, Operations, Global Scene Environmental Solutions
Having the privilege of working with a true world leader in sustainable business strategy is an opportunity that does not come around often.

Martin is a true gentleman with an unwavering business ethic, expertise and experience in actually delivering sustainable business strategy. He delivers tremendous value to anyone he deals with. As a Strategic Advisor, Martin provided me with value beyond my expectations in all of his dealings particularly in his roles as a consultant and in his many speaking engagements.

I would recommend Martin unreservedly to any organisation who wants to engage a world leader with unparalleled experience in delivering CSR & Sustainability programs.

Anne-Marie Huxley, Founder and CEO of Models of Success and Sustainability (MOSS)
Rarely do we get to learn from experts who are strategic, creative, inspiring, globally influential, pragmatic and entrepreneurial who have transformed some of the largest organisations in the world… so it is with great pleasure MOSS the industry body for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in Australia, has appointed Dr Martin Blake – international sustainability and change management expert as our strategic advisor. Martin provides board and C Suite support for business, industry and government across our region – building capacity, opening doors to new markets, developing relevant business cases and transforming sustainability from cost centres into profit centres.

Alan O Brien, Founder and CEO, Sabien Technology Group PLC, UK
I have worked with Martin and learned from him for over the years. He is focused and consistent in his approach to providing strategic advice and combines experience, intelligence and grit so he can say what his fellow board members need to hear, in the way it needs to be heard.

Martin is very skilful both at giving advice and coaching others, he has provided valuable tools and techniques which have helped enhance the skills of the Sabien leadership team. He combines relevant industry insight with experience to provide advice that can be trusted and fortunately, he’s able and willing to share his knowledge with others. His advice is smart, relevant and actionable.

His ability to quickly assess issues and offer pragmatic solutions, in a clear articulate fashion, makes him a valuable board member. In these fast and turbulent times senior executives are looking for direction and leadership they can trust, more than ever before. His strategic advice and counsel are making a real difference at Sabien.

Miriam Maes, Chairman of the Board, Sabien Technology Group PLC, UK
Martin’s holistic views to sustainability and his action oriented approach make him a great advisor to senior management in business. Martin is known for his personal integrity and excellent social skills. He speaks from the heart and has a refreshing take on sustainability issues. It is a pleasure working with Martin as a colleague on the Sabien Board and in the past when Martin was Sustainability Director of Royal Mail. I recommend Martin to anyone who wishes a fresh pair of eyes looking at the sustainability issues.

Ida Tillisch, Acting Director General EWS-WWF
Martin was the speaker at an event in January 2013 for our corporate programme, where we are asking companies to take action to reduce their ecological footprint. He delivered an excellent presentation and was very engaging and inspiring. His real life cases of how he has helped transform large organizations and achieved impressive results, motivated the audience and sparked good dialogue during the presentation. I think it is fair to say we all learned something from Martin, who presented several useful tools and methods to introduce and implement sustainability in organizations. I will highly recommend him as a speaker.

Alison S. Leung, Sustainability Officer and Client Relations Manager, Industry RE
I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Martin Blake in 2010 when I was researching for an expert in the field of sustainability to exchange knowledge and perhaps form a business relationship. Martin is extremely down-to-earth and knowledgeable in sustainability, climate change and in how to drive a profitable sustainable business. We had the honour to have Martin sit on our board as a non-executive director and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Martin is very approachable and personable, and I would truly recommend him for any consultative positions in the field of climate change and sustainable business.

Matthew Farren-Handford, Senior Manager, Cleantech & Sustainability
I worked with Martin recently on a high profile project in the Middle East. His expertise, understanding of geo-political sensitivities and grasp of what needed to be done was exactly what we were looking for. Bringing his vast experience in sustainability strategy and reporting in large complex organisations and across sectors to the table enabled us to provide deep insight on relevant issues. I look forward to working with Martin in the future.

Mahesh Patel, A/Manager HSE Business Strategies (Opers & Devt) HSE Regulations and Enforcement Directorate (DG), Qatar Petroleum
I would like to express my appreciation, along with that of the entire SDIR team, for Dr. Martin Blake’s assistance and guidance in the SDIR 2012 Awards Judging Process which was crucial for success of this year’s Annual SDIR Programme. His commitment to helping us achieve our challenging task of assessing and judging six winners out of 35 companies on schedule was professional and timely. We have also profited by following the many practical suggestions he offered. I am confident that his help will be instrumental in our continued growth and the success of the SDIR Programme.

Oliver Hurrey, Managing Director, Market Engagement Services, 2degrees
Martin is a rare diamond in the sustainable business world – an absolute expert, with a global perspective and the experience of real-world application in big business. He recognises that business strategy should be focused on making an organisation more sustainable AND more profitable. He is a true systems thinker whom I recommend highly.

Nikki and Peter Thompson, Founders, Soil2Soul
It has been an honour to have met and worked with Martin Blake. Martin has visionary ideas, practical and pragmatic solutions and a great network of similarly dedicated and intelligent collaborators. He sees possibility and potential and then looks for ways to make it happen in a manner that considers impacts from a global, sustainable and evolving perspective. We look forward to continue collaboration with him in the future. He is ‘True Blue’ in the deepest sense.

Richard Curtis, Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
Martin made a valuable contribution as a Member of Glas Cymru. Whilst appointed for his background in sustainability, he fully grasped the wider governance role of a Member and his thoughtful but challenging approach made him one of the Board’s more effective ‘critical friends’.