Martin Blake

Non-executive Director and Corporate Advisor


Martin is first and foremost a global visionary sustainability strategist in the vanguard of the de-carbonising movement in Europe. His award-winning programs have delivered paradigm shifts in terms of sustainability and carbon reduction, combined with cost savings to one of Europe’s most diverse and challenging organisations.

Martin has also pioneered the 6 pillars approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), giving companies a clearer and more accountable construct to help devise their CSR programs.

His current working portfolio allows him to share his expertise with the widest audience possible in his roles as a Non-Executive Director, Strategic Advisor and Business Mentor working internationally between Asia, Australia, USA and Europe. His reach also extends to the academic world as an adjunct professor at two universities in Australia.

Martin’s accomplishments make him a highly respected national and international keynote speaker on sustainability and carbon reduction. He is active in numerous sustainability organisations and sits on national and international Boards focused on sustainability.