Martin Blake

Non-executive Director and Corporate Advisor

What people are saying about Martin

Martin Blake has been extremely effective in managing the extraordinary complexities of sustainability across the vast Royal Mail system. He has seized opportunities and pioneered innovative strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including collaboration on purchasing with other national mail systems as well as thinking through how to re-engineer entire processes to deliver zero or near zero carbon solutions. The Royal Mail is one of the largest employers in Europe with a massive inventory of facilities, equipment and vehicles. Steering that vast ship towards a low carbon future has provided Martin with unique insights into sustainability in action at very significant scale.

Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair, Carbon Disclosure Project

February 2010

Dr Blake is a world leading business sustainability expert. He has recently been appointed to the advisory board of CarbonSystems to support our global expansion into Asia, Europe and the Americas. He brings to the role a rare combination of experience at the highest levels of business, academia and public life. His leadership and management credentials are proven and well-recognised.

David Solsky, Chief Executive, CarbonSystems

February 2011

Martin brings a global perspective to sustainability and climate change issues that is both refreshing and inspiring. He is a 'big thinker' who is able to bring diverse teams together to achieve remarkable outcomes. His systems thinking approach is vital to the sustainability context in which he works, and is also an integral part of his successful change leadership style.

Professor Julie Cotter, Deputy Director, Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development

February 2011

Martin is one of the most experienced, high calibre individuals working in the sustainability sector. He has a broad range of skills and, importantly, a specific understanding of the green-tech industry and a strong track record for delivering winning sustainable strategies.

Alan O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, Sabien Technology Group

February 2011

I have invited Dr. Martin Blake as a keynote speaker to several UN related events and each time he has excelled himself, fully engaging public and private sector audiences with the latest innovations in carbon counting and hydrogen economy. Dr. Blake is an international reference in these fields, and with his analytical clarity, able to explain complex zero carbon concepts in easy soundbites. Just wait to see him in action!

May East, Executive Director CIFAL - UNITAR Associated Training Centre

February 2011